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January 27, 2021

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DuroTerra provides ductile Iron STEEL YOURSELF…

Have you had to get a steel quote recently? When did it expire? Two weeks? One week? 24 hours?!?! Steel pricing and availability is a big issue impacting many of our customers. Pricing surges are happening in real-time and expected to continue well into 2021. This impacts material costs for many traditional steel foundation options including H-piles, pipe piles, micropiles, and helical piles. Rapid pricing escalations make it difficult to even propose on projects, and many manufacturers have significant lead times extending into months to produce and deliver steel products. These issues are making it difficult for many project teams to pencil out new projects or keep current projects on budget.

micropile alternative

Recently, Ductile Iron Piles have become a go-to alternative for helical pile projects to provide a reliable, high capacity alternative for new construction or building additions.  The modular, low-vibration system is installed using an excavator-mounted medium-sized percussion hammer to drive the pile using high-frequency percussive (ramming) energy.  The high frequency drive energy produces minimal vibrations, allowing the system to effectively work immediately adjacent to existing buildings, like helical piles.  Ductile Iron Piles develop compression capacities of 25 to 100 tons by either end-bearing on glacial till or rock or by creating a grouted friction bond zone like a micropile.  This grouted bond zone is also used to provide tensile capacities of 50 tons or more.

How can we help? Ductile Iron Piles (DIPs) are not steel. The system is a low-vibration driven pile alternative to traditional steel piling options. DIPs are manufactured from recycled content and not subject to the same volatility as the steel market. You can count on your DuroTerra materials quote being honored for months, allowing you to stand by your price and proceed with confidence.

Further, DuroTerra provides you with rapid response in all aspects of your projects:
  • Immediate feasibility evaluation of your project by in-house engineers and construction personnel.
  • Rapid material quotes valid for extended durations
  • Ductile Iron Piles delivered to your project site in days, not weeks or months.
Have a project budgeting issue due to the steel pricing? Concerns about delays due to material availability? Give us a call to see how we can help.
Take a look at a couple of projects where DuroTerra and Ductile Iron Piles provided significant value to the team.

Relevant projects

Stratford, CT
DuroTerra supports rapid response for Amazon
Amazon’s response to unprecedented customer demand includes improvements to existing facilities. When the scope of work for an Amazon renovation project expanded to include support of new canopy foundations, the project was in jeopardy of delays. The project team selected a Ductile Iron Pile solution to deliver a rapid, low vibration pile solution to reliably support the new foundation loads. DuroTerra was able to assist with the design and immediately ship material from our large inventory to support the rapid response. Helical Drilling, Inc. proposed, designed, mobilized, and installed the solution in less than 2 weeks after getting the initial call. With over 800 LF/day, 56 grouted friction piles were installed in only 3 days on-site.

Memphis, TN
Ductile Iron Piles provide a low-vibration, economical alternative to micropiles
A new 33,000 square foot gymnasium addition required foundation support adjacent to the existing school. With loads of up to 8 kips/foot along grade beams, drilled micropiles were specified with a 50 tons compression capacity. Ductile Iron Piles provided a low-vibration foundation alternative to the specified micropiles. A grouted 50-ton Ductile Iron Pile solution was designed, load tested to confirm capacity, and installed at rates of more than 500 LF/day to accelerate the piling scope of work.


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