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Ductile Iron Pile Advantages:

  • Rapid installation process – 400 to over 1,000 LF/crew day
  • Cost-effective alternative to many conventional deep foundations
  • Safe and simple construction process
  • Low vibrations for work adjacent to and inside existing buildings
  • Mobile equipment and short pile sections allow for rapid work in constrained areas
  • Limited overhead requirements for installation in as little as 18 ft of headroom
  • The Plug and Drive connection system allows for easy length adjustment when ground conditions change and produces minimal waste
  • Standard equipment avoids investing in expensive, specialty equipment


The Ductile Iron Pile system is a versatile, low-vibration driven piling solution that easily addresses a variety of different site challenges including tight access, urban construction, overhead restrictions, variable working grades, and many others.  Many geotechnical contractors prefer the speed, simplicity, and safety of the installations compared with traditional micropiles.  Others prefer the system over helical piles for the higher pile capacity coupled with the reduced performance risk often associated with “spinning out”, achieving torque too shallow in a fill, or not achieving the torque at all.  Others find that it’s an ideal fit for projects where mobilizing large augercast or driven piling rigs are difficult or too costly.


Regardless of the reason, the Ductile Iron Pile system distributed by DuroTerra™ is rapidly becoming a valuable tool in the geotechnical toolbox for contractors.  Without the need for specialized installation equipment, Ductile Iron Piles are easily added to your piling options with a readily-available medium-sized excavator and mid-sized percussion hammer.  Interested in learning more about the types of projects well-suited for Ductile Iron Piles?  Would you like more information on the equipment and installation details?  Do you have a project and want to evaluate feasibility and material costs?  Check out the following links and contact us.


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