Ductile Iron Piles

DuroTerra™ is rethinking traditional deep foundation techniques. We provide our customers with the latest in advanced Ductile Iron Pile products and installation knowledge.

Ductile Iron Piles are pre-fabricated driven pile systems, utilizing high-strength ductile iron pipes manufactured using a centrifugal-casting process. They are a reliable, cost-effective alternative to conventional pile systems, including driven piles, augercast piles, drilled shafts and micropiles.

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When should I use Ductile Iron Piles?

ductile iron piles

If you are considering these techniques for your project:

  • If considering micropiles.
  • If considering helical anchors, particularly with low capacities where increased capacity improves the design efficiency.
  • Short piles where installation speed or project size makes a good fit.
  • Long piles where elimination of splicing or working with small sections maximizes the benefit.


You encounter one or more of the following challenges:

  • Poor soil conditions – deep soft soils, fills and organics
  • Vibrations
  • Adjacent structures
  • Difficult access and constrained sites
  • Low overhead
  • Variable grades


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