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January 25, 2023

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Project teams across North America continue to add value with Ductile Iron Piles on some very interesting projects. We are fortunate that our customers enjoy sharing their project experiences as much as we do! In 2022, we teamed with some of these customers to prepare case histories, technical papers and white papers that illustrate how project teams are benefiting from TRM’s Ductile Iron Piles on their projects. Check out some of the recent publications below! Interested in writing up one of your project successes? Please reach out to us!

Industry Publications

“Ductile Iron Piles Develop a Large Capacity in a Small Space” Pile Buck Magazine, 2022
Craig Christenbury, Matt Caskey

“Hybrid Foundation Solution for Debris Fill, Compressible Soil” Deep Foundations Institute Magazine, 2022
Michael J. Weaver, P.E., Haley & Aldrich, Michael Cronenberger, P.E., and Andrew Thompson, P.E., Helical Drilling



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